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THE PHANTOM PAIN - Is it Metal Gear related?!?! 

What’s up everyone?

ThatDudeCurtis here, real quick I wanted to touch base on, “The Phantom Pain”  trailer that debuted at the VGAs last night.

Personally I don’t believe this is a new or separate game as people have been suggesting. I believe it is ground zeroes, and if the “MGS5” lettering behind the title is true, I believe that means Kojima went back on his word and instead of making Ground Zeros (GZ) the prologue to MGS5, it made it the actual MGS5.

Because remember, at one point before he changed it, Peace Walker was known as MGS5. So it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to do as much.


Second it doesn’t make sense to kill GZs and Rising hype by announcing another game that is MGS5. As we’ve learned, in situations like that people will wait for the numbered game, because they think it has more relevance than the non numbered games. There are still a ton of people who haven’t played PW nor realize how important it is. Just as there are people who still think Rising is non canon just because it is a spinoff, even though Kojima Productions has said multiple times it is still canon, only a spinoff in terms of gameplay style.

Also from the trailer if it is GZ, Big Boss seems to be dealing with some type of hallucination, were it appears he is seeing characters from his past burning while trying to escape the facility ending with the giant burning whale. This is very similar to events with The Sorrow in MGS3, as well as what has been described in the MGS Novel for what Solid faced during the actually battle against Mantis.

Now for the arm, its entirely possible that Kojima is retconning Big Boss to have a false arm during MG and MG2SS. So if it is Big Boss lets see where he goes from here, does he have Huey build him an arm like Zardornav or does he have some kind of transplant similar to Ocelot? Either way it doesn’t matter, because we know by the time of MGS4, his missing body parts and skin are replaced with parts from Liquid and Solidus.

Some people mention that Psycho Mantis is in the trailer, I seriously doubt it is him, Mantis wasn’t born until the 70s, so their is no way he could be him (unless Kojima does the biggest age retcon ever) so more than likely its another character with a similar MO, they have been other psychic characters in MG.

Last thing, I feel like the coma comment was pointless and a wasted opportunity IF he really is missing the arm.

Because as most of you know, Big Boss’s coma was supposed to be the reason why Zero cloned him. Problem with that is GZ takes place after PW, and during PW the clones had been alive for 2 years.

So it could be a flash back to when that did go down, but then that would mean Kojima is retconning Big Boss again because of the arm issue.

Anyway those are my thoughts.



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